Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

Get the Most Out of Your Maximo Investment

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Asset Integrity Management (AIM) addresses both the technical aspects of Maximo Implementations as well as many other important factors that impact the success of your implementation. Factors such as follow-up coaching for team members, change management sessions to prepare for the impact of the new system, utilization of an Asset Management tool to get the most out of your investment, and Templates for areas such as KPIs and Start Centers. A wholistic approach over time to Maximo Asset Management will help ensure your success and maximize your return on investment.

Success Factors

There are many factors that lead to the long-term success of a Maximo Implementation. You’ll need to focus on many of these to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment. Check out our article on Top 10 factors for success.

Upcoming Conferences (We hope to see you there!)

MUWG Fall Conference – September 2021
Maximo Utility Working Group
If you are responsible for administering or using Maximo at a Utility, this is the conference for you. Also, consider joining this User Group.

About MUWG

The Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) provides a forum for licensed MAXIMO users to exchange information, methods and experiences. ​The MUWG is an industry group representing over 200 utility companies, counties and cities throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, China, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Equator and Argentina that exchange information related to the implementation and application of the MAXIMO asset management system. Two conferences are held each year, one in the Spring/Summer, the other in Fall/Winter. If you are a licensed MAXIMO user and meet the criteria of the charter you can attend a conference.

August 3 – August 5 2021

Think 2021

Think is the digital event experience where advances in world-changing technologies become real, through real-world case studies, technical exploration, community engagement and visionary thought leadership. You’ll learn how you and your company can positively impact the world through technology like hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

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