Creating And Maintaining Value Lists

I have mentioned previously that I would share interesting solutions as I encounter them. The current issue involved creating a new Table domain to select specific values in a field. Not uncommon but, for some reason, I had forgotten the step with the Lookup Map (and the ability to update this directly in Database Configuration). Requirements included:

1.Create a cloned application of the Purchase Requisition application including 46 new fields and 15 new editable value lists.

2. Create a new table containing values for the field.

3. Create a Table Domain in Maximo that access the values in the new table.

In the above domain, note that no Validation Where Clause was needed. Simply filling in the List Where Clause field brought back the needed data from a particular column in the newly created table.

4. Associate Table Domain to the correct field in the Cloned PR application through the Database Configuration application.

5. Within Application Designer, reference a new Lookup section to be created in the LOOKUP.XML file.

6. Export the LOOKUP.XML file and add the new Section labeled ‘processes’.

In this case, one attribute (domainval) is referenced in the XML file. Thus, when a User brings up a value list next to the Processes field, that one columns will display.

7. This is where the Lookup Map comes in to play. Originally, when clicking on a value in the displayed list, Maximo returned the first column in the table (the ID field). In the Database Configuration application, the Edit Lookup Map icon next to the Processes field is selected.

The attribute referenced in the LOOKUPXML is now placed in the Source Key field of the Lookup Map. The Source Object is the newly created table with domain values.  Processes is the field in the cloned application where values will be placed.

Now, when a User selects a value in the Value List, that value is placed in the Processed field.

Next Step: The next step involves creating a new application pointed to the table referenced above. Through this application, Users will be able to add to and remove values from each of the 15 new Value Lists without assistance from the Maximo administration team.

Challenge: A next challenge to solveinvolvescreating a value list where a User can select multiple values that will be inserted in to a field or Maximo table within an application. If anyone has suggestions that do not involve JAVA customizations, I’d be interested in your input.

More to come…

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