First Of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points For Management


1) Create Constancy of Purpose

When implementing Maximo for our Clients, we considers it critical that Quality Principles be followed. We partner with you to build quality in to each process to ensure a Constancy of Purpose. This is just one more way that our implementations are way more than a ‘software implementation’.

“Constancy of purpose is about long term thinking and about thinking of the organization as a system. And it relates to creating organizations that push decision making to those at the gemba (those where the important is being done – where the individuals that know the most about the situation are).”

The above quote comes from the W. Edwards Deming Institute Blog. Several points can be derived from this quote. One, activities within an organization are interrelated in one system where decisions in one area impact others. Two, it’s important to bring those activities together to work towards a purpose(s). And, three, make sure decisions about how work is accomplished are being made at the right level. Relating this to Maximo Asset Management, was the selection of Maximo the right one for the organization’s purpose? Is the way it is used closely aligned with that purpose?

A clear purpose accepted by employees from the top levels of management to the shop floor helps drive motivation and performance. And, it keeps a company competitive. Are people at your company driven by your company’s purpose?

This first principle of Constancy of Purpose is noteworthy. Is there constancy of purpose for applying what Maximo has to offer? What is the purpose? Is it to reduce maintenance costs? Is it to increase equipment availability?

Dr. Deming concluded that creating constancy of purpose requires, among other things, an investment in maintenance of equipment, furniture and fixtures, and in new aids to production in the office and plant. Maximo can help a company determine how to optimize that investment. Maximo can help a company determine which equipment to purchase in the future based on past equipment performance and functionality.

While the concept is important to overall business operations, it is also important for the success of a Maximo implementation. Are there continuous efforts to improve on how Maximo fulfills that purpose? For some companies, that may mean implementing automated workflow routines to ensure the purpose is consistently fulfilled. Or, perhaps more focused Key Performance Indicators are developed to track progress towards goals that fulfill that purpose.

If your interested in more information about our quality processes, don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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