Integrations and E-Mail

Brief post on a recent occurrence with integrations in Maximo and e-mails. Through a Web Services, I have Fuel Data populating the MATUSETRANS table in Maximo. However, when an error occurred, I was not receiving an e-mail to that affect. I was receiving e-mails for escalations and other processes. My e-mail was on the two System Properties for ‘admintoemail’ and ‘adminfromemail’. After verifying that all settings were correct (including in Websphere), it turns out that running the following commands against the Oracle DB did the trick:

truncate table MAX_374.MAXINTERROREXTRACT;
truncate table MAX_374.MAXINTERROR;

While it’s true that you will not receive an e-mail if a message is already in the queue (in error). For me, it was also true that the e-mail would not be received if messages were stored in ‘Error Extract’ found in the Message Reprocessing application.

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