The Purpose of Maximo Training and Coaching

What a terrific post by Electra. Training in conjunction with the implementation of Maximo is essential. It speeds up the adoption of the new technology and improves the intended results. Various components of Maximo Learning efforts may either be overlooked or misdirected. The goal is effective application of learning.

From this post:

– Sell the Benefits
– Engage Champions
– ‘Promote the Why’
– Train and Coach
– Learn and Optimize

Note that multiple modalities are necessary for effective translation of learning. Yes to Formal Classroom training specifically focused on what is needed by the attendees. Yes to one on one coaching where the person being coached gets specific instruction and help with tasks leaving that person knowing how ‘to fish’ (referencing an old saying). And finally, follow-up after an implementation to ensure the effort stays on track.

This is what a leader in the field of human learning, Dr. Benjamin Bloom, was getting at. Remembering isn’t the goal:

Effective Maximo Training
Levels of Learning

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