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Approach to Asset Management

From operating an airport or utility, staying on top of complex and varied military assets to facilities management at the Federal government, meaningful asset management is only possible when a holistic solution is uniquely designed and delivered for the organization as well as its underlying teams. Let’s be candid: implementing Maximo Asset Management is not only time-consuming and expensive but can be overwhelming. Tools that help an organization streamline practices and more readily identify underperforming assets are invaluable.

While A&A’s solution(s) can vary in design and development based on the assessment, the AMS is an ideal start in understanding the needs of your organization as described below.

AMS for You

Organizations manage thousands of assets with preventive and corrective maintenance performed regularly. But, all too often, managing the data generated from these maintenance routines is cumbersome and improvements daunting. What assets are critical and why or how much data is being collected on these critical assets that lead to actionable information are just a few questions that A&A’s solutions can address.

With AMS, asset data is collected, cleansed and organized in a separate, user-friendly tool. Information such as Asset Criticality, Likelihood of Failure, and Redundancy are recorded and key metrics that allow, for example, monitoring of underperforming equipment are displayed on key personnel’s Start Centers. Notifications can also be generated and sent to these key personnel members when assets fall out of established tolerance levels.

An integration has been designed to transmit information collected and updated in the tool to assets within the Maximo application. Key measures from the tool are displayed separately within Maximo along with a criticality score that is calculated based on a combination of measures. This criticality score then serves as one indication of the most critical assets being managed within the Maximo system. Of course, the calculations are modifiable to meet the specific needs and focus of the entire organization.

Finally, data on the assets carries down to the work order application, a key step in the AMS. Key measures such as Likelihood of Failure are linked from the asset to a work order and automatically populated when the asset is included on the work order. The criticality score on the Asset is also displayed. Then, following performance of maintenance tasks, maintenance workers can update the specific measures on the work order that then updates the associated asset and the Asset Management Tool.

Results = Progress

The need for constant data and information gathering on asset criticality during regular maintenance activities is finally realized for the organization. This information is then displayed in summary form on interested team member’s Start Center graphically to focus on those under-performing, critical assets. Maximo provides for asset management without rigorous and constant updating of asset information outside of the work management process enabling workforce talent to be allocated elsewhere throughout the organization.

Moving Forward

A&A’s Organizational Consultants are capable and able to provide the end-to-end Maximo solution, the AMS and others. For more information in our Asset Management Solution as well as other solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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