Maximo System Administration

Maximo Training Agenda

(two day offering)

Course Description

The System Administration course focuses on regular activities performed to keep the Maximo system running optimally. Configuration basics are also reviewed to maintain components such as Workflows, Interfaces and Applications.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Internal Maximo administrators responsible for maintaining high uptime and performance of the Maximo system will benefit from this course. If you’re looking for a more extensive review of Maximo Configuration and Updates, consider the Maximo Implementation course.

Course Outline

I. Basic System Administration Functions

  • System Properties (Focus on Key Properties)
  • Error Logging (Explanation of Specific Loggers and Typical Errors)
  • Administrative Tools (Database Configuration Application)
  • Back-end Files and Updates
  • Rebuilding EAR Files
  • WebSphere Review

II. Key Foundational Components

  • Organizations and Sites (Organization Options)
  • Item and Company Sets
  • Establishing and Maintaining GL Accounts

III. Security Settings

  • User Setup
  • Security Groups (Signature Security, Application Rules, Limits, Restrictions, etc.)

IV. Workflow Administration

  • Workflow Design Review (Essential Components for Managing Active Workflows)
  • Workflow Administration Activities
  • Escalations, Cron Tasks, and Communication Templates

V. System Configurations

  • Database Configuration and Application Designer (Review of Essential Components)
  • Conditional Expressions
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