Maximo Work Management

Maximo Training Agenda

(3 day offering)

Course Description

The Work Management course takes a broad scale look at the topic of work management including mapping business processes to functions available within Maximo. Work management, maintenance management, and asset management are all part of the overall focus. The course also addresses Corrective, Preventive, and Predictive maintenance practices that can be achieved with the help of the Maximo system.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Plant managers, maintenance supervisors, technicians, and more will benefit from this course. Consultants will also learn skills essential in the implementation of the Maximo system. This is a fully participative course with attendees bringing their own real world examples along with those provided by experienced instructors.

Course Outline

I. Mapping Business Processes

  • Work Initiation
  • Work Screening
  • Work Planning and Scheduling
  • Work Assigning
  • Work Completion
  • Quality Review

II. Job Planning

  • Jobs, Tasks, and Steps
  • Labor, Materials, Tools, and Services
  • Conditional Job Planning
  • Controlling the Flow of Jobs
  • Nested Job Plans

III. Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

  • PM Defaults
  • Assets, Locations, and/or Routes
  • Time or Frequency Based PMs (fixed or floating schedules)
  • Seasonal Dates
  • Sequencing Job Plans
  • PM Forecasting
  • Condition Based Monitoring (Gauge and Characteristic Meters)
  • IOT, Sensors, and Work Management

IV. Work Management

  • Work Order Defaults
  • Work Order Tracking (full lifecycle work management)
  • Quick Reporting (emergency maintenance)
  • Work Requests (work order forms)
  • Calendars and Resources
  • Labor reporting and Time Cards
  • Assignments and Scheduling
  • Maximo Scheduler Add-on

V. IBM Work Centers and Reporting

  • Supervisor, Business Analyst, Technician Work Centers
  • Modifying Work Centers
  • Reporting and KPIs

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