Maximo Fundamentals

Maximo Fundamentals and the IOT Academy

Maximo Training Agenda

(four day offering)

Course Description

The Maximo Fundamentals course takes a practical, business based approach to examining Maximo. It provides a good foundation for anyone looking to understand how all the functional areas fit together. Whether your mainly concerned about Work Management, Planning, Inventory Control, Purchasing or Asset management, knowledge of how all the pieces fit together is essential.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

The Maximo Fundamentals course provides insight in to all primary Maximo modules and components. It will benefit a broad range of professionals including Maximo administrators, foreman and supervisors, upper management responsible for Maximo guidance, store room personnel, and many more. It’s also recommended for technical professionals needing a better understanding of what they are configuring.

I. IBM Maximo Asset Management Overview

  • Tie ins with Asset Management
  • Tie ins with Reliability Engineering
  • Maximo and Business Requirements

II. Organizations, Sites, and other Key Foundations

  • Organizations, Sites, and Sets
  • Financial Management – Chart of Accounts
  • Security and Access Rights

III. Asset Management

  • Locations and the Location Hierarchy (one system or multiple systems)
  • Assets and Classifications (real world set-up and application)

IV. Inventory Management

  • Storeroom Set-up (fixed and mobile)
  • Item Master (Item Templates and Interfaces)
  • Inventory (Rotating and Non-Rotating Assets)
  • Inventory Usage (Issues and Returns)
  • Shipment Receiving (Transfers)
  • Tools and Service Items

V. Procurement

  • Purchase Requisitions (Reorders and Direct Entry)
  • Purchase Orders (PO Lifecycle)
  • Receiving (Receipt, Return, Void)
  • Invoices (Three to One Match)
  • Request for Quotations

VI. Work Management

  • Work Order Tracking (All Work Components
  • Quick Reporting (Emergency Work)
  • Cloned Application (Essential Work Components)
  • Labor Reporting (Time Reporting)
  •  Assignment Manager
  • Maximo Scheduler (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

VII. Proactive Work

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • IOT and Sensors
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