Maximo Implementation Services

Our Maximo Implementation services are focused on helping you maximize the performance and longevity of your assets. This is accomplished through the use of built-in Maximo functionality as well as utilizing our AIM (Asset Integration Management) solution.



Our Asset Integrity Management service focuses on several key factors that are important to measure when evaluating your assets such as Reliability, Redundancy, and more.

Inventory Management

Inventory Control is central to managing maintenance operations. We’ll help you understand critical concepts and tie these concepts within Maximo Inventory Management.

Reports and KPIs

We provide out of the box Key Performance Indicators and reports that can be configured to meet your needs. This gets you off the ground and running more quickly.

Work Management

Our Work Management process helps you control the flow of work within your organization. This process includes specific Start Centers utilized by your staff, an automated workflow routine to ensure the right job goes to the right person at the right time, and much more.

Case Studies
Water Treatement, Management, Waste Water Treatement.
Water Treatement

Case Study A

Our Maximo Implementation program has been implemented at several water treatment facilities. This includes the utilization of the Asset Integrity Management program.

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Maximo and NASA for Facilities and Logistics.
Maximo and NASA

Case Study B

We’re proud to work with NASA on numerous Maximo Implementation projects. This includes support of facilities and logistics concerns.

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Richard and I collaborated on a multi-practice integrated project for a Maximo 7.6 project involving a Public Works Department. The company demonstrated an expert grasp over Maximo of course but he also was well-versed in the process of developing functional specifications for various business groups within an organization. They were able to bring Maximo as well as Change Management principles to help staff throughout the business units in realizing the importance of the the design decisions they were making as well as the impact of those decisions. I would highly recommend this company for Maximo Consulting .

Asset Management Group

They were extremely knowledgeable in CMMS, particularly Maximo. They did a great job of transferring this knowledge to clients and students in a very professional and congenial manner. The detailed in-depth knowledge of the components of Maximo such as; Sites, Organizations, Hierarchies, Assets, and Work Flows made them an indispensable partner.

Public Transportation Concern

Let’s build something great together.


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