Maximo Implementation

Maximo Implementation and the IOT Academy.

Maximo Training Agenda

(five day offering)

Course Description

The Maximo Implementation course provides real-world examples and a focus on specific tropics occurring in previous implementations. This course is intended to review all primary Maximo configuration tools to include an examination of the database behind the scenes.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

The Maximo Implementation course will benefit internal administrators responsible for maintaining and improving the Maximo system. It will also benefit implementers configuring Maximo for Clients.

Course Outline

I. System Administration

  • System Properties (Review of Primary Properties)
  • Error Logging (Examination of each Logger)
  • File System Structure and Updates
  • Rebuilding the EAR File
  • WebSphere Administration

II. Domains

  • Synonym Domains
  • ALN, Numeric Domains
  • Crossover, Table Domains
  • Conditions on Domains

III. Database Configuration

  • Setting up Attributes
  • Indexes
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Creating a New Object
  • Table Views

IV. Application Designer

  • Modifying Tabs and Fields
  • Conditional Controls
  • Signature Security Setup (Multiple Functionalities)
  • Lookup, Menu, and Library XMLs
  • Creating a New Application

V. Maximo Workflows

  • Creating a Service Request to Work Order Workflow
  •  Actions, Roles, and Communication Templates
  • Business Case Examples

VI. Maximo Integration Framework

  • Object Structures and Advanced Set-up
  • Publish Channels and Enterprise Services
  • End Points, Web Service Libraries, Externals Systems, and More
  • Flat Files, XML, DB Interfaces, Web Services, REST

VII. Maximo Reporting

  • Queries, Result Sets, and KPIs
  • New IBM Work Centers
  • Ad Hoc Reporting including Calculations
  • BIRT Reporting (Installation and Set-up)

VIII. Additional Maximo Configurations

  • Conditional Expression Manager
  • Automation Scripts
  • Escalations and Cron Tasks
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