Maximo Inventory Management

Maximo Training Agenda

(3 day offering)

Course Description

The Maximo Inventory Management course is focused on best practices in inventory management using Maximo functionality. A large part of the course maps business processes to inventory control. Participants are encouraged to map their own processes.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

This course is intended for storeroom managers, storeroom clerks, purchasing personnel, and anyone else looking for a deep dive in to the topic of inventory management. Consider also enrolling in the Maximo Purchasing course to fully understand the lifecycle of an item or rotating asset.

Course Outline

I. Business Process Mapping

  • New Items, New Tools, New Services
  • Material Issue / Return / Transfer
  • Physical Inventory / Stock Removal
  • Material Replenishment

II. Organizations Application

  • Inventory Defaults
  • Reorder
  • Inventory Costs

III. Item Master (Item Catalog)

  • Storeroom Set-up
  • Creating New Items
  • Commodity Groups / Commodity Codes
  • Rotating Items
  • Item Classification

IV. Inventory Management

  • Available Balance to Current Balance (important considerations)
  • ABC Analysis / Counts
  • Maximo Quantities and BINS
  • Reorder points (minimums and maximums)
  • Rotating Item Control
  • Item Reorders

V. Inventory Usage and Shipment Receiving

  • Issues and Returns through Inventory Usage
  • Storeroom Transfers through Shipment Receiving

VI. Service Items and Tools

  • Establishing Service Items (outside services such as plumbing, lawn maintenance)
  • Tools and Stocked tools (tools utilized to get the job done)

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