Maximo Reporting (BIRT)

Maximo Training Agenda

(3 day offering)

Course Description

The topic of reporting is a broad one and there are multiple forms of reporting used within Maximo. In this course, there will be a review of Ad-hoc reporting available within Maximo, security set-up for reporting, and an in-depth look at Report Administration. The newer Work Center functionality will also be reviewed revealing the latest features. Three different BIRT reports will be designed. The course does include installation of BIRT as well. Participants are encouraged to share real world examples.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

This course is intended for anyone responsible for developing or administering report functionality. You may work in a consulting capacity or internally with an organization. All primary aspects of reporting are covered as relates to Maximo Asset Management.

Course Outline

I. Reporting Overview and Configuration

  • System Properties
  • Error Reporting
  • Object Structures
  • Report Administration
  • Security Controls

II. Reporting within Maximo

  • Query Based Examples
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Managing Ad-hoc Reports

III. BIRT Installation

  • Downloading / Installing BIRT all-in-one plugin
  • Configuring your system
  • Report Libraries, Templates, and File Structures

IV. Creating BIRT Reports

  • Simple List Report
  • Group Reports
  • Reporting with Graphics
  • Establishing Report Parameters
  • Additional Configuration Abilities

V. IBM Work Centers

  • Supervisor, Business Analyst, Technician Work Centers
  • Modifying Work Centers
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