Maximo Workflow – Process Automation

Maximo Training Agenda

(2 day offering)

Course Description

The Maximo Workflow course reviews all aspect related to the creation and maintenance of workflow designs. Attendees are encouraged to bring workflow design needs to the course. Real world workflow designs are examined.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Internal personnel responsible for designing or extending workflows will benefit from this course. Consultants helping clients establish workflows well also benefit with shared experiences discussed.

Course Outline

I. Business Process Design

  • The Work Order Lifecycle
  • The Item Lifecycle

II. Workflow Design

  • Creating a New Workflow (Service Request to Work Order Completion)
  • Complete Review and Configuration of Nodes
  • Condition Based Control
  • Sub-processes
  • Actions and Roles
  • Communication Templates
  • Escalations
  • Database Tables and Workflow Impacts

III. Workflow Administration

  • Canceling or Reassigning Workflows
  • Workflow Delegation

IV. Workflow Routing

  • Manual versus Automatic Routing
  • Testing Workflow Designs
  • Workflow Maps and History

V. Workflow Labs

  • Design and Modify Participant Workflows
  • Review Advanced Workflow Features
  • Troubleshooting Tips
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